Cyber Security Agency ™ Information Security Consulting Services include Specialized IT Security & Compliance Audits, Cyber Security Risk Management, Penetration Testing Services, Website & Web Application Security Testing and Corporate, Executive, Employee & Family Information Security Training.

Network Security Assessments & Auditing

We assess your network environment to identify any vulnerabilities then thoroughly test your internal and/or external security controls that you have in place. We can assist you in developing Network Security Policies, Procedures and Countermeasures and offer our professional determination of your companies risk.

Web Application Assessments & Auditing

We will thoroughly assess and test your applications for any technical flaws, weaknesses or vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious hackers. We will offer countermeasures for any OWASP Top 10 Threat Vulnerabilities that are identified during our auditing process.

Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing is commonly referred to as PenTesting. Our Security Experts will simulate a real world hacker attacking your network infrastructure, your applications or your companies web servers (websites). We offer Internal Testing and External Web Facing Network Testing.

Computer Forensics & Data Recovery

We provide digital forensics services for web sites, servers, digital media & hard drives to provide evidence of alteration, unauthorized access or data breach. We also offer complete data recovery services for hard drive failures and data corruption as well as virus & malware removal services.

Cyber Security Consulting

We offer Information Security Consulting Services for Government Entities, Businesses, Institutions, Schools and Families. We specialize in all aspects of Information Risk Management, Privacy & Personal Security. We will assist you in securing your assets, exploring any vulnerabilities and mitigating your risk.

Information Security Training & Services

The weakest link in the security chain is The Human Link. The best way to mitigate data breach is through education. We offer Cyber Security Training for Government Entities, Businesses, Institutions & Schools. We also offer training and consulting for executives, employees, families & children.